Sony E3 2011 Press Conference Highlights

Sony’s conference was one heck of a show with lot’s of information. Below are the highlights updated with video.

  • Starts off with regular mixed video of all hardware and software running on it including NGP.
  • Jack Trenton steps on stage
    • Thanks those attending, watching on G4, PS Home, or online anywhere
    • Mentions PSN hack
      • Thanks and apologizes to third-party devs, pubs, retailers and more
      • Network activity is around 90% of levels before PSN hack.
    • Mentions new partner CinemaNow service will be added to PSN later in the year.
  • Naughty Dog Steps on Stage
    • Shows off Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception gameplay
      • Demo starts off with Drake on a ship in the middle of a storm
      • Showcases stealth gameplay as dramatic, cinematic music plays
      • New stealth attacks allow the use of the surroundings and environment to take out enemies
      • Typical Uncharted platforming and climbing is still there as well as gun fights
      • Ship springs a massive hole from a grenade and water rushes into the ship making the stage turn dramatic and tense while later turning the stage into a water level
      • In 3D
      • Multiplayer Beta begins in June and promotional early full access in october through Subway
      • Releases November 1, 2011

  • Insomniac Games steps on stage
    • Resistance 3 gameplay is demoed
      • Massive battle with a huge alien and Chimera with many humans caught in the middle.
      • Demo jumps ahead to show another major battle
      • 3D and Move compatible
      • Bundle for $150 at release will include game, move controller, Sharp Shooter and PS Eye

  • Jack Trenton back on stage
    • Announces God of War Origins and Eco and Shadow of Collasus Collections for PS3 in 3D and HD
    • Announces PlayStation branded television that will be 3D and allow for split screen two player to be seen as whole sized screens.
      • Bundles with 6 foot HDMI, 3D glasses and Resistance 3 for $499 and glasses alone will cost $69.99

Click for Bigger Image

  • 2K Sports on stage
    • NBA-on-the-Move in NBA2K12 will use Move controller for ease of use and accessibility
      • Kobe Bryant on stage to demo NBA2K12 and NBA-on-the-Move
  • Umrao Mayor and Jeremy Ray on stage
    • Show off Medieval Moves
      • Shows that depending on the movement and positioning of the Move controller, the corresponding weapon will be used. No inventory system needed.
      • 1-to-1 motion controls
      • In 3D
      • Fall release
  • Jack Trenton back on stage
    • Introduces InFamous 2 trailer
      • Can create online missions compatible with Move

    • Little Big Planet 2 will receive an update for deeper Move compatibility
    • Starhawk video shown and will release in early 2012

    • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time teaser shown
      • Coming in 2012

  • Hilmar Peturson on stage from CCP (Eve Online fame)
    • Dust 514 announced as exclusive to PS3
      • Console shooter will connect to a PC MMO
      • PSN download
      • Uses Move and some kind of NGP compatibility
      • Spring 2012 release with closed Beta this year

  • Irrational Games on stage
    • Bioshock Infinite gameplay video shown
    • Mentions that the company didn’t like the PS Move at first, but now understands ways to use it without being out of place and can still use the DualShock
    • Held up an NGP and says that they are looking into that as well
    • Thise who buy the PS3 versioon of Bioshock Infinite will get Bioshock 1 on the same disc

  • Jack Trenton back on stage
    • Saints Row will have exclusive PS3 content
    • New Star Trek Game will also have exclusive PS3 content and be compatible with PS Move
      • Releases in 2012
      • Video shown off

    • 3 exclusives from EA
      • SSX will have an exclusive track Mount Fuji on PS3
      • Need for Speed: The Run will have 7 additional super cars only on PS3
      • Battlefield 3 for PS3 will use the extra storage space to include Battlefield 1943
  • Kazuo Hirai on stage
    • Talks about trust and loyalty from consumers over PSN being important
    • PlayStation Suite announced
      • PlayStation certified phones and tablets will be compatible
    • NGP is named PlayStation Vita
      • Features: 2 analog sticks, multitouch 5inch oled screen, rear touchpad, front and rear cameras
      • Wi-Fi and a Wi-Fi/3G models
      • AT&T is the 3G provider
      • Party Room shown that allows for chatting no matter where you are or what you are playing
      • Naer: social connection tool for competing and comparing trophies
  • Scott Rohdie steps on stage
    • Uncharted: Golden Abyss by Sony Bend demoed
      • Amazing graphics and presentation
      • Touching the screen allows for doing actions in place of buttons. Buttons can still be used.
      • To jump a certain direction, you can tilt PS Vita
      • Touch controls are a big thing with climbing
      • Rear touch is used, but not enough time to show it off

    • New IP called Ruin for Vita announced
      • Action-based RPG
      • multiple character classes
      • advancements
      • tons of treasure
      • Smooth, hack-and-slash combat
      • Form bonds of friendship and rivalry with other players
      • Gameplay shown
    • Modnation Racers for Vita Showed off
      • Entirely new and specifically developed for Vita. Not a port of any other version.
      • Track creation is done all by touchscreen
      • Rear touch panel is used for terrain transformation
      • Over two million creations by users on PS3 will be accessible on the Vita version
    • Vita games have many different types of cross platform functionality with PS3
    • Little Big Planet Vita announced
      • All features of Vita will be used
      • Share with PS3 players
      • Video shown using

  • Capcom on stage to show off Street Fighter x Tekken
    • Video shown
    • PS Vita version announced as well
      • Cole from InFamous will be in the PS Vita versions
      • Demoed PS Vita version using Cole
  • Scott Rohdie back on stage
    • Announces 80 titles in development for Vita
    • Shows video of collaboration video
  • Kaz Hirai back on stage
    • Vita releases this holiday
    • Wi-Fi only model retails for $249.99
    • Wi-Fi/3G version retails for $299.99
  • Jack Trenton back on stage
    • Ends the conference

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