Boxhead: The Zombie Wars iOS Review

If you have read the title, then yes zombies are included. The once laughing stock of the monster universe has – thanks to various media – now established itself as a dominant source of entertainment with no end in site. Now, they have come to bring their form of brainless nonsense onto the Boxhead universe. Even though the typical zombie-infection fad has been a drab, that doesn’t stop MEDL Mobile’s recent title, Boxhead: Zombie Wars from falling into the ill fated category too much.

Boxhead: Zombie Wars ScreenshotThe titular plot, of coarse, deals with the uncanny arrival of zombies and demons in the Boxhead universe. For those with no recollection of the Boxhead universe, the universe is a series of games and videos designed to capture everything in a box-shaped fashion. You play as Jon Bambo (lol?), “a black-clad mercenary with an arsenal of deadly destructive weapons“. Trapped between a rock and a hard place thanks to the zombie invasion, Bambo has no other choice but to engage the enemy in a guerrilla warfare styled fashion. Bambo must travel through various lands, killing zombies and eventually send demons back to Nirvana.

B: ZW follows an arcade stick shooter fashion in which you move around with one touch pad and fire your weapon with the other. The game includes various weapons that can be obtained from dead enemies, a wave system (called levels in this game), and a scoring system that includes the multiplier system. What does it all mean? It means that B: ZW is meant to be a game that one would tap and play, and in all honesty does a good job doing so. I easily adjusted into the role of a mercenary with an arsenal battling hordes of zombies with nothing to lose.

As stated previously, B: ZW has a Boxhead design in which everything (every moving thing to be exact) is cubicle. While the graphics, while not the greatest, are certainly not the worst I’ve seen in an iOS game. The game does include damage properties to the environment, allowing you to destroy trees, obelisks, and whatever else is around. Even so, destroying the environment really has no actual game changing features and can only serve as a visual presentation, something that does deserve a hand shake considering there are plenty of games that do not allow such a feature.Boxhead: Zombie Wars Screenshot

But unlike the geometrical cube, this game does not display perfect qualities. The main problem, that most arcade styled shooters suffer from, is the lack of stuff to do. There isn’t much to do except for survive; no time attack or co-op. The weapons system, for the most part, suffers from considerable drawbacks. You cannot aim C4, barrels, and grenades and the Uzi suffers from the fact that it is a single-fire ammo guzzler. The aiming system with some of the weapons are off, such as the Uzi and Chaingun (or as I call it, the street sweeper).

So at the end of this review you might be asking yourself. “Should I get this game?”. Honestly, there are some reasons to get it and there are some not to. I personally would, but at the end of the don’t get your head in a box trying to figure it out. Its fun, easy to pick up and play, and relatively cheap.

GGC Score: 6 out of 10

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