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Onlive Confirms They Are Talking with Valve, Sony and Microsoft

So far, Onlive hasn’t quite caught on like they originally hoped and planned they would. Well, after first trying to compete with consoles, it would seem that Onlive may be changing its course.

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EA’s Origin vs. Valve’s Steam: How Do They Stack?

EA looks like it wants to muscle in on some of the action in PC digital and online gaming with the launch of Origin, its own digital game distributor, which is a smart move considering the PC gaming market continues to grow, while PC retail sales are absolutely dismal. It’s been made absolutely clear in […]

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Valve will be a No Show at E3

For those of you (me) who were hoping to hear some news concerning the next game in the Half Life series or anything Valve related at the upcoming E3, sorry to burst your bubble, but Valve has announced that they will not be attending the event.

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Portal 2

Portal 2 Xbox 360 Review

If you don’t know what Portal is, you’ve been living under a rock. If you haven’t yet figured out if the cake is a lie, you shouldn’t consider yourself ready for Portal 2. Seriously, play through it if you haven’t already done so, because each game plays differently. Portal is a unique game that incorporates […]

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