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UPDATE: Xbox 360 Update May Cause Problems to Older Systems

Update: Turns out that the disc read problem discussed earlier is not caused by the new to come update, but a previous one. Microsoft’s Major Nelson enlightens us on more details:

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Measure Your Success Rate in Mass Effect 3

In Mass Effect 2, you could figure how well you did by how many team members you last during the last mission. Well it seems that BioWare has a similar idea for Mass Effect 3 in determining how well you do in the overall scheme.

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Soul Calibur V on the Horizon

Looks like the great legacy of the Soul Calibur series will continue in 2012 with Soul Calibur V.

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L.A. Noir

3 Discs to Fully Hold L.A. Noire

We all knew that L.A. Noire was going to be a huge game, but Rockstar has stated that it will take 3 discs for Xbox 360 owners to fully experience the magnitude of this gritty, old-school, detective game.

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The Next Assassin’s Creed Revealed!

You see that screenshot up there? You do? That is the first screenshot revealed for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, the next chapter in Enzio’s journey. Excited? I thought you might be.

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