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UPDATE: Sony’s PlayStation Network Down Again

The PlayStation Network is, once again, down.


Apologies for any misleadings, however, there supposedly was an announcement for the PSN being down. After searching online, the staff and I were never able to find anything online, as mentioned earlier, and this included Sony’s many websites. However, a tipper sent us directions to this page of the official Sony website It’s still not known when and where this page was when searching earlier. You’ll also notice that the message and time frame were a bit off.

This was in fact a maintenance issue.

Original Post – July 5th @ 8:45 PM EST:

We aren’t totally sure if this is a maintenance issue, hack or some other situation, but we are looking into it. An error code of 80710016 is given with a message of “An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network.” It doesn’t specifically give the undergoing maintenance message, but it still very well could be that.

After looking online, even at the Official PlayStation blog, nothing has been mentioned. A few of the staff here have gotten the error, but we aren’t 100% sure how widespread this issue is. Stick with The GGC to find out further news and updates.

7 Responses to “UPDATE: Sony’s PlayStation Network Down Again”

  1. Odd I am having no issues, still logged in since about an hour or so ago. Maybe you should double check these things before using anecdotal evidence to say the entire network is down. I am playing DCUO with about a dozen peeps in my league online and about 25 people on my PSN friends list are online.

    • Never said the entire network was down, but I’ll be sure to announce more precisely next time that myself and other staff members were not sure of the expansiveness of the issue.

  2. Could this be the rumored PSN GUI update? 🙂

  3. yeah I’m just now getting this issue in Ohio. have done all the usual shut down system, restart, reconfig my network settings still getting the error

  4. I just signed in without issue. Fact checking FTW.

  5. mines down over here in portland oregon, i just moved and set up a new modem/router and all and its failing to connect to psn, some may say my new service provider? I say not because before i moved i tried to get down on some black ops and i was signed out due to the error me i just hope im not missing out on any tomahawk kills yo! oh and i am very pleased i found your site, psn never said anything about nuttin’!!

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