Nintendo Wii U Technical Specifications

Wii U
Wii U is the coming successor to the Nintendo Wii. Not all information is known, therefor, any information throughout this section is not completely correct or known. This section will be updated as official information is released. Last updated on July 2, 2011.


  • CPU:
    • IBM PowerPC-based 3 or 4-core processor
  • GPU:
    • AMD/ATI R700-based chipset
    • Shader unit 4.0 or 4.1
    • 3D-stereoscopic graphics said to be possible, but may not be a main feature


  • Likely to have near or around 512 MB of memory usable between main and graphics
  • Nintendo and AMD/ATI usually embed a small amount of frame buffer memory into the GPU chipset. Expect around 6 MB, maybe more.


  • 1080p output has been confirmed
  • HDMI out is a given, but Nintendo would never forget about past video types. Expect their usual ‘AV Multi-Out’ cable connection


  • Currently unknown but expect at least some type of true surround sound finally


  • Rumors say similar to Wii except with 8 GB of flash storage. (Nintendo has said no HDD)
  • Expandable by both SDHC cards and even USB. (Thumb drives and external HDDs seem possible)

Ports, Wireless & Peripheral Capabilities:

  • New controllers with some type of streaming capability
  • Possible connection capability with 3DS
  • Should include old Wii ports since backwards compatibility has been confirmed (no backwards compatibility for GameCube games or peripherals)
    • Wii Remotes compatible
    • SD/SDHC memory card slot
    • 2 USB 2.0 ports
    • Sensor Bar power port
    • Accessory port on bottom of Wii Remote
    • Optional USB keyboard input in message board, Wii Shop Channel, and the Internet Channel
    • Mitsumi DWM-W004 WiFi 802.11b/g wireless module (Manufacturer and type may change)
    • Compatible with optional USB 2.0 to Ethernet LAN adapter (Ethernet port may be built in)
    • ‘AV Multi-Out’ port (See ‘Video’ section)
    • HDMI-Out

Optical Drive:

  • Nintendo proprietary drive and discs that hold 25 GB of data (not Blu-ray discs)
  • Plays Wii game discs
  • No DVD or Blu-ray movie capabilities (to keep costs down)

Power Consumption:

  • Currently unknown

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