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Nintendo E3 2011 Press Conference Highlights

Nintendo’s presser was a mix of cool news and mysterious wonder. Check it out below. Updated with video.

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Nintendo Logo with Mario

Nintendo Drops DS Lite Price and Re-Boxes Mario Games

Nintendo has a new price tag for the Nintendo DS Lite handheld and also redesigns Mario boxes for DS.

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U.S. Game Releases for the Week: 5/23 – 5/29

Here are the game releases in the U.S. for this week (May 23 through May 29, 2011).

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Pokémon Black and White DS Review

I still remember the day; October 21, 1998. It is my eighth birthday and I have $40 worth of Toys-R-Us bucks. My mom took me to pick it up and I remember staring with excitement as the employee used his keys to unlock the sliding glass and hand me my own copy of Pokémon Blue. […]

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Amazon Clearance Sale

Amazon Starts Video Game Clearance Sale has started a huge clearance sale on video games for DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360 and Wii. Hurry though, because I highly doubt a lot of these games will last long at these prices.

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DSiWare: Trajectile

DSiWare: Trajectile Review

Trajectile is a game where the word “power” comes into play an awful lot. Firepower, brainpower and the power to use trial and error are all key to beating each level. Gamers will easily see Trajectile‘s influences from classics like Breakout, Missile Command and maybe even a little bit of Pong. And while those influences […]

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