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Canabalt iOS Review

Imagine a dystopia. Picture yourself running from the ensuring chaos that engulfs the city around you. Finally, think of this going on forever. If it sounds like something you would like to play out or something you may want to experience, Canabalt is the perfect game for you.

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Hook Worlds Logo/Title

Hook Worlds iOS Review

Do you like hooks? Do you like swinging for an endless amount of time? If you said no to either or both these questions, then I suggest you click away from this review. Otherwise, I recommend Hook Worlds. It is fun, humorous, and a great value.

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NBA Jam iOS Review

“Kaboom!” “Boomshakalaka!” “Boom goes the Dynamite!” Chances are if you haven’t heard these iconic phrases yet, your missing out on one of the most well designed sports game, and possibly one of the most jamtastic games on the iPhone and iPod Touch. NBA Jam is loaded with flavor even though the chef may have misplaced some […]

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