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Majora’s Mask Remake For 3DS A Possibility

Recently in an interview with Nintendo Power, Zelda director Eiji Aonouma stated that if there was enough fan support behind a Majora’s Mask remake, then Nintendo would consider doing so. Here’s what transpired in the interview: After playing Ocarina of Time 3D, the next question that comes to mind is: Will we get a Majora’s […]

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Mega Man Legends 3, We Hardly Knew Ye

It appears that Capcom has pulled the plug on the highly anticipated and long overdue 3DS project Mega Man Legends 3. It would seem that the project was not meeting with satisfactory results in the companies eyes and, as a result, they have shut down the project indefinitely.

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Shepard Gains A New Ally In Mass Effect 3; Meet James Vega

Twitter is becoming an invaluable source of information for society; whether it involves keeping track of the presidential election or World Cup Soccer. But now, thanks to Mass Effect 3 Executive Producer Casey Hudson, we are also able to gain insight to everybody’s favorite space age Bioware game. Thanks in part to gaining his 10,000th […]

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EA Origin

Origin Users Beware – EA Reserves The Right To Delete Your Games For Inactivity

EA just recently launched their new digital retailer Origin, essentially the EA Store with a makeover, with the intent of expanding their digital and online fronts. So far, they’ve  been doing this through the acquirement of developers such as PopCap and publishing online games such as the (failed) Facebook game Dragon Age: Legends. Origin’s launch […]

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House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Box Art

House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Details and Screenshots

Sega has released screenshots and additional, previously unknown details about the re-release of House of the Dead: Overkill for PlayStation 3.

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UPDATE: Netflix Available for 3DS

Update: Turns out “soon” means exactly that. Netflix was made available earlier today at the 3DS eShop. Enjoy streaming movies to Nintendo’s latest handheld.

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Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Character Data Loss Permanent

Many Uncharted 3 beta players frantically posted on the Naughty Dog forums yesterday and today, in woe that their character data and rankings were gone. Naughty Dog was quick to look into the issue, but, unfortunately, they report that they are unable to restore player data.

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Kevin Levine Says “no plans” for Games on Wii U

We all remember the big trailer at E3 showing the plethora of third party games coming to the Wii U.

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New Batch of Dark Souls Screenshots

Dark Souls, the upcoming spiritual sequel to the highly successful (and just difficult) Demon’s Souls has a new batch of screenshots out. Now you can see just how many different way you can experience your end at the hands of demons, monsters, and landscape itself. Enjoy these great images and remember that Dark Souls is […]

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Quirky Catherine Coming Tuesday

Well, that is kind of misleading. The demo is coming Tuesday while the official release is scheduled for July 26.

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RUMOR: Work on PS4 to Begin Late 2011

It looks like the the next generation of consoles will take off sooner than most thought, and Sony isn’t about to let Nintendo steal the whole show with their upcoming Wii U system. A Taiwan-based company has revealed that Sony will begin work on the PS4 very soon.

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