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Origin Users Beware – EA Reserves The Right To Delete Your Games For Inactivity

EA just recently launched their new digital retailer Origin, essentially the EA Store with a makeover, with the intent of expanding their digital and online fronts. So far, they’ve  been doing this through the acquirement of developers such as PopCap and publishing online games such as the (failed) Facebook game Dragon Age: Legends. Origin’s launch […]

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EA’s Origin vs. Valve’s Steam: How Do They Stack?

EA looks like it wants to muscle in on some of the action in PC digital and online gaming with the launch of Origin, its own digital game distributor, which is a smart move considering the PC gaming market continues to grow, while PC retail sales are absolutely dismal. It’s been made absolutely clear in […]

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Origin: EA’s Gaming Download Service

Wall Street Journal reports that gaming publisher, Electronic Arts, is planning on launching a digital-game download service called Origin. Similar to Valve’s Steam service, gamers can buy and download PC titles onto their computer. Origin is reported to be launching with over 150 titles, although no specific names have been mentioned except one. In what […]

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