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Editors’ Views: 3 Things That Could Make E3 2011 the Biggest Ever

Welcome to the first article in a long line of columns called Editors’ Views where we take a look at what the editors of The GGC think on topics. Today’s topic will be covering what 3 things could make E3 2011 the biggest E3 ever.

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The Broke Gamer: Grand Theft Auto IV

College broke? Recession got you down?  Fret not,  Great Gaming Crusade is here to make sure you get your gaming fix and still have money left to feed the cat. With a plethora of triple A games for under $25, there’s no reason to dig into your rent money to play quality titles.

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The Broke Gamer: Mass Effect Series

Welcome to the inaugural edition of ‘The Broke Gamer’; a segment here on the Great Gaming Crusade which covers quality games at an affordable price. As much as I love this hobby we call “gaming”, I’ll be the first to admit that video games are pretty pricey. Still, there’s no reason every gamer can’t play and […]

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The Reloading of APB

Being one of the most highly anticipated and controversial games of 2010, yet also one of the biggest let downs, APB was plagued with issues that led to its ultimate end. But like a phoenix, APB has arisen from its ashy grave to again try its luck at life. Yet, one question still remains unanswered. […]

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Plasma & Prejudice

Plasma and Prejudice

For me, Halo was the first great trilogy in gaming. Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo CE) introduced the console world to the de facto way of making a shooter. Halo 2 surpassed its predecessor by introducing console gamers to the joys and wonders of online play, vulgar 12 year-olds and all.

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Crusader’s Corner – Episode #1: Predicting E3

Welcome to our first episode of Crusader’s Corner, GGC’s very own podcast. In this episode, we decided to chat a little about the upcoming E3. In the first segment, we talk about what we expect from the industry in the coming event.

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Meet the Staff – Tyler Lee

“Meet the Staff” is an ongoing special that allows readers to connect with the GGC personnel. The second of the editorials would be second in-command Tyler Lee.

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Staff ROund Table: Pre-E3 2011

Staff Round Table: What We Want to See at E3 2011

E3 2011 couldn’t come soon enough, and we have just over two weeks until that magical time of the year returns. It’s a time where old games are shown in new skin, brand new IPs are born and sparkly new consoles are shown off. This year may actually include all of those in one show. […]

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5 Games I Can’t Wait to Play This Year

Rockstar Games’ next big thing appears to be L.A. Noire. With past successes such as Red Dead Redemption and the entire Grand Theft Auto series, I am excited to see what Rockstar has done this time in order to impress its audiences. This excitement led me to develop a “Top 5” list of video games […]

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Meet the Staff – Gregory Wampler

“Meet the Staff” is an ongoing special that allows readers to connect with the GGC personnel. The first of the editorials would be none other than the head honcho himself, Gregory Wampler.

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MMO Lexicon

Here at The GGC (Great Gaming Crusade), I write various reviews for various genres of games. One of the deepest, and probably most confusing, would be my reviews of various MMOs. First of all, for those who may not know, an MMO is an abbreviated form of the word “Massively Multiplayer Online Game”.

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Video Game Heroes

10 Greatest Video Game Heroes

It’s time for a look at the other end of the spectrum.  If you enjoyed my look at the most evil villains in video games then you should really like this list.

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