Puzzle Agent 2 PC Review

There are a few things dying in the video game landscape, one is point and click games and another are the puzzles in games. Sure there are the physic puzzles where you use momentum and such to traverse the world or the block puzzles which are not really puzzles if it shows you the answer as a raised platform, but real nail biting puzzles seem to be disappearing from games unless it’s on something like an iPhone. I remember playing games like Abe’s Odyssey and feeling a sense of satisfaction beating a level without a FAQs guide to follow which I find lost in many of today’s games.

Puzzle Agent 2 ScreenshotTelltale Games is a throwback to an era of PC gaming dominated by point and click adventure games bringing new episode to a classic series like Monkey Island and Sam and Max. When not reviving classic games, they bring out originals that are just as quirky. Puzzle Agent 2 is such a game. You follow Agent Tethers of the FBI’s Department of Puzzle Research who may or may not be crazy. He is on a mission and no puzzle will stump him, no enigma shall derail him and no riddle shall halt his search for the truth. Taking place after the original game, Tethers is not satisfied with how things ended and goes back to  Scoggins, Minnesota – a snowy town full of strange people, puzzles and gnomes – to tie up all the loose ends. The plot is just weird enough to be entertaining without being alienating, full of quirky characters that fit well in a town with an obsession with puzzles.

The sound and art in the game are excellent, voices are clear and adds more character to an already hyper characterized art style and the background music is appropriate setting the mood for certain scenes. The art of the game comes from Graham Annable (http://grickle.com/) giving the game a surreal feel. It is simple and doesn’t clutter the screen when searching for puzzles and, aesthetically, it is pleasing and will not grate on your eye sight.

Gameplay wise the game is nothing special. You click certain objects to find ones that do something, your usual point and click affair. The game does show you what to click if you click close enough to Puzzle Agent 2 Screenshotan intractable piece of the scene so you will never get too lost in a single part. The thing that sets the gameplay apart is everything is based around puzzles, you are a puzzle agent. Some of the puzzles will actually give you a pause if your mind doesn’t work in certain ways, from binary puzzles, math riddles, word games and most of the puzzle games on your iPhone. Puzzles are the main attraction to this game and solving those difficult ones without any hints just feels rewarding.

Puzzle Agent 2 is an entertaining point and click game filled with quirky characters and interesting puzzles. In an industry filled with FPS and action games it is nice to see a developer trying something different. If you’re looking for an original game or find puzzles entertaining, then the adventure of Agent Tethers will be up your alley.

GGC Score: 9 out of 10

Music Credits: Puzzle Agent “Puzzle Complete”

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