RUMOR: Work on PS4 to Begin Late 2011

It looks like the the next generation of consoles will take off sooner than most thought, and Sony isn’t about to let Nintendo steal the whole show with their upcoming Wii U system. A Taiwan-based company has revealed that Sony will begin work on the PS4 very soon.

According to the Taiwan-based component makers, Sony will have these Taiwan-based partners begin production of the PS4 system at the end of 2011. This should have the system ready for launch sometime next year.

Probably the most interesting news about this new system is its change in direction for motion control. After the PS3 was launched, it later developed the Playstation Move, a motion control system similar to that of the Nintendo Wii’s. This time around, Sony is taking the Microsoft approach. The PS4 will have motion control more similar to that of the Kinect. Whether that means a combo of controller and no controller, or whether they will be sans-controller all together is still not clear.

The source has also stated that assemblers of PS3, Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, will also be assembling the PS4 as well. They also say that the planned volume for shipment in 2012 is 20 million units for the system’s first run.

If all this is true, then it is only a matter of time until Microsoft jumps on board and officially announces their new console. After that, the video game industry will just be a hope, skip, and a jump from the 8th console generation. Many people from the industry speculated that the next generation was still a few years away. Were they wrong? As gamers, what are you thoughts on the whole matter?

Source: DigiTimes

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One Response to “RUMOR: Work on PS4 to Begin Late 2011”

  1. You just no the release date is gonna be kicked back a few times.

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