Streaming Game Footage in Danger from Senate

The laws around streaming video game footage could quite possibly be changing soon if the Senate has its way. The U.S. Senate is considering a new bill that could effect copyright rules and penalties surrounding streaming game footage on Youtube and other sites of similar nature.

Senate bill S.978 would change online enforcement of copyright laws, which could result in criminal penalties like jail time for those who stream copyrighted material without permission.

The bill, sponsored by Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar, would turn the streaming of unauthorized copyrighted content into a felony. The perpetrator could face up to five years in prison if their streaming content falls outside the boundaries the law will place. The bill can be read in its entirety here. Like most bills, it is worded so broadly that many interpretations can be made. This law could include anything as small as recording a video of you and your friends performing a famous song, to someone streaming a video review of a game. Now, instead of copyright holders merely being able to pull content from sites, this law will allow them to press charges for unauthorized content being streamed.

For many this could be quite a realization and could consequently be detrimental to some sites. If streaming videos are the first to go, what will happen to images of games? Will they be next to be halted? These are some questions that gamers and people who run sites that thrive off of streaming videos need to ask themselves. If you are one of the many that this could affect, or simply are not happy with the way things are headed, make your voice heard at Demand Progress.

Source: Shoryuken

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