Crusader’s Corner – Episode #2: E3 Aftermath

With E3 (and good deal of stress) behind us, we are left with a sense of excitement, disappointment, confusion, and mostly, a feeling of wanting and impatience for the year (and beyond) to come. Many things were presented, some we expected, others that blew our mind. Join me as I am joined my Editor-in-Chief Greg Wampler as we discuss how we felt about the show in general. We talk about how the third party developers did and how the big console mongers did. Did they give us what we wanted, or deprive us of what we deserved?


Segment 1 Opening Song:

Silent Hill “Not Tomorrow 1 (Lisa’s Theme)” – Original Composer: Akira Yamaoka – Remixer: Tamimi – Overclocked

Segment 2 Opening Song:

Luigi’s Mansion “That Balcony Thing” – Original Composers: Kazumi Totaka, Shinobu Tanaka – Remixer: Xaleph – Overclocked

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2 Responses to “Crusader’s Corner – Episode #2: E3 Aftermath”

    • LOL, I have to say. I really like that. If they ever want to write an article about how much they don’t like us, please, continue to do so. Weekly basis would be awesome. The staff of GGC enjoys the traffic and gives people a chance to see the real us, not the false picture you they have painted.

      I hope they know (i assume they do) that we didn’t try to fool them by making false names. We assumed they knew it was us. If not….well….good luck in research and fact checking.

      Finally, I love that posted the conversation we had…except for several of the comments at the beginning. The ones where we weren’t rude and we were just trying to have a debate or conversation with them. But by all means, they can keep those to themselves. I would hate for you readers to see that they can’t hold a good conversation without attacking people with other points of view, or assume those other points of view are attacks themselves.

      Anyway, I hope they continue to write about us. Tell your friends about us. Come check out our site, we’d love to have you readers see the real us.

      On a side note, GGC would make a reply article explaining and bashing pixel apocalypse, or whatever they are called, but we focus on real video game news, not rants or products of an idea-vacant void.

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