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RUMOR: Ubisoft Reveals Wii U Online Details

Ubisoft has apparently let some even more information out about the Wii U. This time, it’s all about the online functionality of the console.

Ubisoft is saying that game tracking of both yourself and your friends will be done by Wii U like the competition. However, your Club Nintendo account will also be linked to your profile along with an achievement system, friend list and a match making/scheduling system.

Having the screen on the controller actually adds a lot to the online functionality as it was hinted that some games (obviously those designed for it) can take advantage of the controller’s screen by allowing scheduling and alerts to be known while watching something else on your television.

DOn’t forget, Ubisoft also hinted at a few days back that friend codes are completely gone.

As for my analysis, I still think that the friend codes thing is a bit hard to believe considering the 3DS still has them, but makes a much easier way to use them. Hopefully, Nintendo will release more information soon.

We’ll mark this down as this information is still not completely concrete as Nintendo has not announced anything. A lot of Ubisoft’s information also seems to be a bit scattered right now.

Source: Ubisoft and ThisIsWiiU.com

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