E3 2011: Gears of War 3 Campaign and Horde Details

Gears of War 3 is set to close this trilogy with a bang, and Epic wants to show just why this E3. Continuing what was demoed at the Microsoft press event, Epic’s full Gears of War 3 demo follows the leviathan attack on the ship from the perspective of Cole and Baird. These time splits will occur at other points in the game as well. Every so often, and just like in the last two games, Delta squad will have to split up to complete an objective. Gears 3 handles it differently though. Instead of having to replay entire levels to see things from another view, Gears 3 will automatically switch you back in time to play just that segment from the other teams’ perspective. So once you’re done playing things from Marcus’ and Dom’s perspective, you switch back to Cole and Baird, finally meeting up at the end of their sequence. These sequences are another mechanic that Epic is using to enhance the co-op aspect of Gear of War 3.

Another shown, and perhaps their most clever, is the mech suit. When you’re not shooting machine gun rounds and rockets into the locust and lambent, the mech can be put into a lockdown mode that allies can use as cover. I call it clever because this one feature simultaneously expands on the Gears of War 3’s vision of improved co-op, and Gears of War 2’s mechanic of mobile cover. The last new co-op mechanic shown was the Vulcan mini-gun. This massive weapon requires two people to operate, one person aiming and shooting, and the other reloading. It may sound cumbersome, and it may be, but the trade off is the ridiculous amount of damage that this weapon can dole out. The Vulcan makes quick work of all enemies as well as some cover, and if the player handling the reloading is doing things right then the gun can shoot nonstop until the ammo is depleted.

The last bit of news revealed about the campaign is the arcade. Similar to what players found in Call of Duty 4, Gears 3 arcade mode will have players running through levels and competing for higher scores through speed, crazy kills and other methods. Not much was revealed about arcade mode, not even leader boards were confirmed, but Epic did say that players will be able to compare scores.

Now that was campaign, horde mode is a different beast. Taking a page from Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies mode, players will have to earn currency in order to build defense towers and other fortifications. Plus the more you build the better you barriers will be. Secondary objectives mix things up; their successful completion earning power weapons for the whole team. And keeping in line with the emphasis on co-op players will be able to share money with friends. You will need to work together to because each wave (still 50 a game) will introduce damage and health boost for the locust as well as crazier enemy classes, like a Brumak.

Are you teeming with anticipation? I know I am. So look forward to Gears of War 3 to hit store shelves worldwide on September 20th.

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