E3 2011: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Demo Impressions

Another year brings us another Call of Duty. Good thing then that Modern Warfare 3 is looking good, if uninspired. There were two demos of MW3 this E3, the first of which was shown at the Microsoft Media Briefing. The demo shown at the Microsoft conference follows US soldiers, in full scuba gear and underwater motorboats, sabotage and infiltrate a Russian submarine. There really isn’t much to say about this demo. Once you’re in the submarine the game play is standard fare corridor shooting and the breach and clear demo is a complete rehash of Modern Warfare 2’s breach and clear, complete with a suicidal soldier charging you with a knife. Once you leave submarine players take control of a motorboat; you drive while an NPC ally lays in front shooting. Once you escape your pursuers you have to maintain your speed and aim you boat into a friendly chopper. The whole demo felt like déjà vu of the worst kind. Like the breach and clear, the motorboat sequence look rehashed from the ending of Modern Warfare 2 down to the animations. The submarine sequence did provide some insights into the weapons though. The series staples MP5 and P90 are back and the AK-74u is making its return to Modern Warfare.

The second demo fairs much better than the first.  Set in an early level of the game entitled “Black Tuesday”, you and a squad of soldiers must battle through downtown New York, Wall St., and eventually the New York Stock Exchange. Throughout this mission, the improved engine truly shines. There are many more particle effects and explosions going on while maintaining a constant 60 framer-per-second run speed. The weapons in this portion of the demo were standard fare, a M4A1, but the scope was anything but. A new attachment to the game, the dual-scope, allows for players to have a red dot (for close-quarters) or switch on an ACOG (for long range). The level really complimented the scope to. As you fight through the Stock Exchange, interior battles will have you relying on your red dot sight, but once you go higher up the building you will be using the ACOG quite a bit to shoot down on enemy positions. No word on how this new attachment will factor into the multiplayer; Infinity Ward wants to keep their E3 showing strictly single-player. The later portion of the demo has you operating a Reaper drone to take out squads of soldiers on nearby rooftops. If you’re wondering what a Reaper drone is think Predator Drone from Modern Warfare 2 in color. And to cap it all off players take control of a chopper mini-gun, fighting off waves of Russian hinds.

A lot off the games shown this E3 have two demos. Modern Warfare 3’s are the ones that struck me the most. I am not a fan of what was shown in the first one as everything felt rehashed and uninspired. But the second demo looked amazing. Is the series running out of tricks? It will be interesting to see just how it all turns out this November.

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