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E3 2011: Gears of War 3 Horde Mode Details Leaked

Gears of War has seen a hefty share of attention this week, taking key time at Micorsoft’s keynote conference. But more details are surfacing thanks to Epic Games’s Gears Preview, let’s take a look at what we know so far.

  • Horde 2.0 will feature the ability to create fortifications/bases that can be expanded as the game carries on, a nice tower-defense style touch for the tired horde mode genre
  • Similar to a Counterstrike:Source style system, players will be given money in order to buy upgrades and weapons as the game progresses
  • New to the Gears universe players will have one of four classes to choose from. You can play as Scout, medic defenders and builders
  • Horde 2.0 will include boss battles, again something new for Gears Horde mode
  • Players will have co-operative team challenges for the chance to earn extra cash
  • Players will be able to swap ammo between themselves, giving you the option to help your trigger happy friends
  • A Mech, seen in the campaign demo, will be available to players after certain requirements have been met
  • Private matches will include some fun options such as a laugh track and big head mode.
There’s a lot to imagine from this information, but the tone that seems to be being set is that the horde mode will be a strong, stand alone feature of the game as opposed to something tacked on. As well as this it seems that the game play will be something reminiscent of a tower-defense game, which adds a nice dynamic to the game.
Look for more news as it breaks here at GGC.

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