E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 Demo Impressions

Story and combat are the core tenants of the Mass Effect games, and for Mass Effect 3, that’s exactly what Bioware wants to highlight this E3. The most noticeable change to the combat in Mass Effect 3 is the speed of it all. You can roll from cover to cover, your omnitool blade allows for lunges and quick instant stealth kills, heck, even the reload animations have been speed up. Enemy types have also been upgraded to take advantage of the new improvements. In the E3 demo, Sheapard and team face off against Cerberus operatives. Mixed in with you standard assault troopers were the new guardian class soldiers that slowly advance with their near-impenatrable shields. Here, says Casey Hudson (ME3’s project director), is where tactics make senses. Using the increased speed in combat flow players can flank enemies, or have squad-mates flank, providing a more cerebral as well as action oriented combat system.

In the story section of the demo we see that s sh*t has officially hit the fan. The Reapers have invaded and are tearing everything to pieces. Mass Effect 3 starts off with a bang, but is punctuated with somber moments (such as trying to help a scared child in an air vent) as well as moments that remind you of your journey so far. Before the Reapers attack, Shepard is on trial for the events that took place in the Arrival DLC for ME2. Another example comes at the end of the demo when Sheapard is rescued by the Normandy crew; depending on your choices in ME 1, either Kaiden or Ashley will be saving your hide.

A great showing to one of my most hotly anticipated titles. Expect to get your hands on Mass Effect 3 yourself on March 6, 2012. Stay tuned to GGC for more E3 news.

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