EA E3 2011 Press Conference Highlights

EA’s E3 2011 press conference had some massive game announcements and updates. Let’s see what they were along with video updates.

  • Starts off with Mass Effect 3 Video
    • Mass Effect 3 will show how all the choices from the first two have effected the series
    • Gameplay demo shows off the huge scale and new gameplay mechanics
    • New gameplay trailer ‘The Fall of Earth’ debuted
    • Releases March 6, 2012

  • Need for Speed: The Run announced
    • Bigger emphasis on the storyline and not only graphics and gameplay
    • Gameplay demo shown
    • Some on foot mechanics and quicktime events; not only driving

  • Star Wars: Old Republic shown
    • video shows massive scale battles
    • Massive Battle between the light and dark side

  • SSX Snowboarding video was shown
    • Very mature and realistic
    • Snowboarders can jump off of cliffs and open up their flying suit wings to help float
    • New Race It, Trick It and Survive It modes
    • January release

  • FIFA 12 world premiere presentation
    • New tactical defending shown off
    • More ball control with precision dribbling
    • New player impact engine gives real world interaction snd results for injuries and player momentum
      • Has been in development for 2 years
    • Video shown of athletes and celebrities of what makes FIFA so good and why it is a world sport and game
    • EA Sports football (soccer) club announced and costs nothing with FIFA 12 and connects all of the many versions of FIFA 12 across all platforms, Facebook and more
      • Will give away free story additions, player stat updates and more
      • Socializing across all versions
  • Madden 12 Shown next
    • Gameplay video looks stunning and many changes look to liven up the game.
    • Very real and broadcast like
    • New collision system and defense AI
    • August 30th release date

  • The Sims Social announced
    • Brings The Sims to Facebook
    • The Sims embedded into Facebook allows for comments and more to be connected with the game

  • New IP Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Announced
    • Developed by 38 Studios
    • 100s of hours of gameplay
    • Fast, smooth combat
    • Open world
    • Fantasy-adventure game/genre
    • For Xbox 360 and PS3

  • Insomniac Sets foot on stage
    • Overstrike game announced
      • First multiplatform title for both PS3 and Xbox 360
      • Fast action mixed with high-tech weapons and gadgets

  • Battlefield 3 shown
    • Frostbite 2 game engine shown and demoed
    • Everything in the environments can be destroyed
    • Huge landscapes with a massive draw distance
    • Amazing audio from real weapons, explosions and more
    • Multiplatform open Beta in September
    • PC gameplay demo of Tehran desert shown
      • Graphics and scale of the battlefield is lifelike and amazing
      • Massive tanks on tanks firefight
      • smoke and explosions fill the screen
      • Fighter jets and bombers fly over head
      • Laser designator mission showed off too
    • Free Stat tracking and service unlike Modern Warfare 3 Elite service
    • October 25th release date

  • All games available on EA’s new Origin service

One Response to “EA E3 2011 Press Conference Highlights”

  1. All of EA’s games were absolutely stunning. They had a short show, but it was tight and hard-hitting. It didn’t feel like an hour show. I’m absolutely excited for Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 looks like it definitely is going to give Modern Warfare 3 a run for its money.

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