Supreme Court to Decide Video Game Case This Week

With E3 happening at this very moment, the video game industry is a buzz with important news to be had. However, one of the biggest pieces comes not form E3, but from the Supreme Court.

You may remember the famous court hearings from last year that concerned the the issue of video game censorship. Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association (formerly Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchant’s Association) brought up the issue of whether a state law restricting the sale of certain games to minors is a violation of free speech, and whether the current ratings system from the ESRB was working. You can read the full transcript of the hearing if you are a bit foggy.

Well a blog site, SCOTUSblog, a website that tracks the proceedings and decisions of the Supreme Court, says a decision may likely be made within the next week. It seems that the Supreme Court has only two cases remaining, and this case could possibly be decided very soon

Seems like important decisions will be all over the place this week. It is sure to rock the video game industry to its very foundations, for better or worse, however, we will only see in time.

Source: Game Informer

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