Editors’ Views: 3 Things That Could Make E3 2011 the Biggest Ever

Welcome to the first article in a long line of columns called Editors’ Views where we take a look at what the editors of The GGC think on topics. Today’s topic will be covering what 3 things could make E3 2011 the biggest E3 ever.

Tyler Lee – Senior Editor

There is a lot of talk going around that this E3 could be the greatest ever. Well, that makes you think, what could make this E3 so great? What would this event have to bring to us for this to be remembered as one of the greatest ever?

1. Project Café: Nintendo’s upcoming system, codenamed Project Café, has garnered a lot of attention and speculation over the past several months. Well it is one of the factors that could make this E3 go done in history. Project Café has already showed us some of what we can expect, HD, touchscreen controllers. However, for Nintendo to really hit the right notes, it will need a little more. With the more than usually support from third party developers this time around, Nintendo has a shot to make one hell of a system. This system needs to be more powerful than the current PS3 and Xbox 360 in order to stay in the game longer. If Nintendo can tell us that we will be playing all new Call of Duty games as well as Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, etc. (you get my point) on its new system (possibly some exclusives), then Project Café may join the ranks of the SNES and PS2 in the pantheon of greatest gaming consoles ever. Wouldn’t that be something to see.

2. Kingdom Hearts 3: You may think of this as the hopeful wishes as a fanboy…and it kind of is…but here me out. Kingdom Hearts is one of the most beloved series out there and every time it has hit CONSOLES is has smashed the market. Well the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 would be an event shattering announcement that could put all other game announcements to shame, not because they aren’t as good, but because we haven’t heard anything of KH3, so this would be a well loved shock to the audience. The only thing that could make it a bigger splash is something that would help solidify my previous point on the Project Café: Nintendo Project Café Exclusives. Highly unlikely: Yes. Earth shattering and history making: Yes again.

3. 1st-party Developers: Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony announce plan to preserve previous console classics: We all worry about being able to play our classic games long after the console is gone or outdated. However, it seems with the Virtual Console, PSN, and XBL, we need worry less and less as we see more and more of our classic favorites being released. At E3, the console developers need to announce a system or preserving previous console games, whether it be a downloadable system through their online services, or the making of their systems backwards compatible (which they have done the past couple of systems), or both. Perhaps if each new system could play the previous systems games, but the generations before that end up on PSN, XBL, or Virtual Console. It seems like they may be going in this direction, but an announcement would be wonderful to hear.

Greg Wampler – Editor-in-Chief

My fellow editor, Tyler, hit a couple of things right on. However, I’ll try and go a bit more crazy in my ideas as to hopefully give more examples.

1. Project Café: This is an easy one. However, what more can we add to make this even bigger than what Tyler already mentioned? How about not only exclusive content, but 1st-party games like Zelda, Mario, Super Smash Bros. and Metroid all showing up to show off the new console. If all of these games show up in ANY form, you have yourself one, if not THE biggest E3’s from Nintendo alone. However, let’s keep moving to see how other companies can help make it the biggest ever.

2. Online Play Across all Consoles: I told you I’d go a bit out into space with my ideas. What if Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony announce plans to allow all multiplatform games to be online connected? Any gamer on and console can all play online with or against one another. Heck, why not throw in Steam and Onlive support, too? Just one huge, massive gamer utopia. Sounds pretty awesome to me. But, let’s see if I can get a bit crazier next.

3. Sega Announces Console: Let’s face it, this won’t happen and some can argue that three consoles is th elimit the market can handle. However, you can’t tell me that if this happened, you wouldn’t be all gitty inside. The days of Nintendo vs Sega were good days, so why not have them again? It would make for an interesting gaming era and market. Heck, maybe Sonic would have decent games again? Too crazy? I thought so.

E3 is just around the corner, but these were our thoughts on what could make it the biggest one ever. Do you agree or disagree? How anxious are you for E3? Let us know below in the comments, in our forums or in an email.

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