Prototype Xbox 360 Review

The short summary is that as a game, Prototype could be compared to a bowl of conversation hearts and mixed with a fun-size pack of yellow Skittles (assuming you don’t like the hearts). Some parts are great, though far and few between with no real strong point, and the rest are either nasty or bland, and regardless of how you play it you’ll most likely finish with a poor taste in your mouth. Getting away from hating on chalk hearts, while Prototype has a number of high quality aspects, it has no strong attributes and a large number of obnoxious aspects. This game was pretty fun at first. I love running around a virtual city with hundreds of people every square yard and plowing through them the same way a baseball bat plows through a cluster of ping pong balls, but it’s not as fun if that’s almost all I’m doing for 10 hours.

A large portion of this game’s issues come from the gameplay itself. One of the first things you’ll start to notice after a few core missions, and maybe even as early as the first few side quests, is how difficult the game can be. With a couple unwieldy controls, rare chunks of immense difficulty in the course of the gameplay, and the occasional bad luck of buying a useless upgrade, it can prove to be a challenge to finish on medium without throwing in the towel and vowing never to touch the game again (only to try again after 5-10 minutes). Something that appears to have gotten thrown in almost as an afterthought was the stealth aspect, pretending to be someone else to infiltrate a base as such parts are much less of a headache to complete if you just get the almost inevitable alert out of the way by slaughtering everyone. Also, the only offensive upgrade you only really need to buy is the whip claw, as it is powerful, has very good range, and can basically sweep the path in front of you clear of most enemies. Lastly, some of the menu interface could’ve used work, especially the fact that the back button (for consoles of course) links you directly to the mostly useless “Web of Intrigue”, which would have been a good idea if the cutscenes weren’t such a headache. Of course, killing mass amounts of people in ridiculous ways was fun, there were some relatively creative abilities, and free-roam environments never fail to get me excited, so while it was an unimmersive and flawed experience, it was still fun for decent length of time.

At the beginning of the game, there was a cutscene that got me a tad excited. The cinematography was great, so I was expecting more of the same along the line. Unfortunately, most of what I saw after that ended up being the flashes of random pictures and video clips with an image that related to the voice over for that particular cutscene. In the rest of the cinematics, nothing interesting happened and I found that the voice acting was often above average, but the script was garbage and detracted from the voices I was hearing. This is a story that is being told to you instead of a story you are a part of. The characters were pretty one-dimensional, and if not for some exceptions to the above statements and the radically different protagonist this game features, the story and characters would have no redeeming values.

If there was to be one good aspect of this game, it would be the art and atmosphere aspect. The city was well done, if monochromatic, the atmosphere of an infected area was well done with sounds and npc’s as well as the alterations to the environment. It’s not a beautiful game, but it doesn’t try to be so it shouldn’t be expected to. The character animations also looked pretty smooth and some of the character models, at least for your character, were creative and did an excellent job of conveying the purpose of a particular model.

If you aren’t a part of the 100% completion crowd, as believe most people are, I’ll tell you that you will have very little reason to pick up this game again, although there are a few achievements that are fun to get. But if you are a 100% completion sort of person and it’s why you play games, you’ll have plenty to do in Prototype. From the vast selection of side missions to the achievements/trophies that will most likely require you to play through again, you’re hands are full. But good luck putting up with the waves of small flaws and redundancy that managed to taint my experience of the game.

GGC Score: 7 out of 10

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