Possible Monthly Fee for Future Call of Duty

Paying a monthly subscription is nothing new to a great many gamers out there. World of Warcraft, probably the most successful MMO out there, charges a monthly fee and people gladly pay it. The same goes for subscribers to Xbox Live. However, Activision Blizzard is trying something that is being called a “first” by many in the video game industry. It seems Activision is playing with the idea consumers paying a monthly fee for Call of Duty Elite, an upcoming online service for fans of the hugely popular FPS.

Call of Duty Elite will work with the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, as well as future installments to the series, as a way for subscribers to gain access to extra content that will not already be offered on game discs from retail stores, such as new maps, possibly weapons, etc. Meaning your $60 investment will not get you everything. Though, it doesn’t seem that different from downloadable content, although a monthly fee seems a bit steeper than a pay-by-purchase method.

Another service being discussed by Activision is an interesting analysis tools. This service will be used to evaluate performance in the game and can let them know which weapons you are most successful with. A service like this can be quite a gem to those who wish to further their skill level. A tool late allows you to learn from previous battles has a lot of potential.

Activision is not yet sure how much they are going to charge subscribers for this online service.  A possible fee similar to that of the online movie service Netfllix, a fee of $7.99 is being tossed around. However, many in the game industry view this step by Activision as a risky venture against consumers who feel that their initial $60 is enough. For Xbox 360 players, the Calll of Duty Elite subscription fee will be on top of $9.99 Xbox Live charge already being payed by these gamers, therefor making PSN look slightly more promising in the avenue of saving money.

One way or another, this plan seems to have its ups and downs, like every other new idea from the industry. Only time will tell whether the pros out weigh the cons. Stay with GGC and we will keep you up to date with Activision’s plan.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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