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RUMOR: Project Café Specs Uncovered?

Well, it was bound to happen. The specifications for Project Café may have been revealed. Keep reading for the possible spec sheet.

A post in the Neogaf forums by a member named Shorty has posted a supposed internal specs sheet from Nintendo. Here it is (click the image for bigger size):

Project Cafe Specs Sheet

So, do you think these are real? The specs listed here are very amazing with three times the total system RAM of either the PS3 or Xbox 360. Not to mention the Quad-core CPU running at 3.5 GHz per core.

However, let’s be smart about this for a second. It says that the storage will be a 2.5″ 250/320 GB SATA drive. Now, this would have to be a Solid State Drive because Nintendo recently said that they will not use Hard Disk Drives. That sounds kind of expensive considering 80 GB SSDs cost no less than $100 themselves.

A second thing to notice is the fact that the RAM is supposedly XDR 2. This would be another expensive addition as it was just put into production in late 2008, early 2009. Specialized RAM always takes the longest to drop in price as it is manufactured and used less than DDR.

Should we even mention the incredibly insane graphics chip? I thought not.

Finally, the same could be said about the Power 6 chip, by IBM. This chip is being used in Big Blue, the super computer by IBM, and has a theoretical max clock speed of 4.7 GHz per core. Now, this is obviously a slowed-down, custom version, but it would still cost a good bit more than what you would think Nintendo would be willing to spend.

Now, obviously you can subtract some percentage from the total costs of these parts due to mass purchasing by Nintendo, but there’s no way. This doesn’t fit Nintendo’s scheme of doing business. A final note to think about is the fact that these specs seem awfully close to the PS3’s specs than that of the 360’s. Yet, devs and others in the undustry are saying that Project Cafe is easy to port Xbox 360 and PC games to due to its similar architecture. Still not adding up.

However, a rumor is a rumor and we’ll just have to wait to see which way this goes.

One Response to “RUMOR: Project Café Specs Uncovered?”

  1. I hope this is real. 1GB of video memory?!?! Seriously? 1GB of memory… just for the video! This is going to make the PS3 and 360 look like cheap toys. This thing will be able to pump out PC quality graphics at TRUE 1080p. Not upscaled 1080p like the other consoles.

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