Sony NGP (PSP2)

RUMOR UPDATE: NGP’s Official Name Exposed, Not PSP2


It would seem that this rumor is closer to being real. There are now two more reasons to think that this rumor could be true.

Firstly, it seems that the name Sony PlayStation Vita is an officially registered name. This name is filed under a third-party of Sony’s and there a few domain registrations for this name. In case you don’t know, most major companies will use third-parties to register names so that the media cannot easily or quickly put 2 and 2 together.

The second big piece of news states that NetNames Ltd. is the contact for both the PSP’s website and the PS Vita’s website. Add to that the below image, and we start to see a rumor turning toward the truth.

PS Vita


Original Post – May 28th, 2011:

There is a new rumor today from a website saying they have  ‘exclusive’ information from an anonymous source. As always, keep this marked down as a rumor until confirmed by Sony. is saying that the official name of Sony’s next generation handheld is PS Vita. It may sounds silly, but it kind of fits in with the rest of their products like Bravia, Neo, Vivaz and others.

Some would also think that Sony may not want to completely or partially change their brand name, but if they believe they need to start on a new foot, then maybe they would be willing.

Even more to confirm at E3.


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