The Broke Gamer: Mass Effect Series

Welcome to the inaugural edition of ‘The Broke Gamer’; a segment here on the Great Gaming Crusade which covers quality games at an affordable price. As much as I love this hobby we call “gaming”, I’ll be the first to admit that video games are pretty pricey. Still, there’s no reason every gamer can’t play and enjoy some of the less expensive classics.

As this is The Broke Gamer’s first entry, I feel it’s fitting that Mass Effect for Xbox 360 be the first game mentioned. Mass Effect brings together RPG elements and a quality shooter that keeps the gameplay exciting and easily retains the gamer’s attention. The story is great and is largely decided on the main character’s choices; meaning the outcome of the game itself comes down to your own decisions. From leveling up all the characters, developing new skills, and looting weapons and items, it all ties in to deliver a great game. Not only is this classic developed by my personal heroes at Bioware, Gamestop has it listed used at $19.99.

And while you’re at it, why not pick up the sequel to this great  classic, Mass Effect 2,  for the same price. This award-winning game picks up a year after the events of Mass Effect and immediately the player is enthralled by stunning graphics and captivated in a horrifying battle. While the interface is slightly different from the original Mass Effect, it again all comes together nicely, if not better than the first. The plot is still heavily influenced by the main character’s choices, but your companions do play a much larger role this time around.  Also, combat is surprisingly improved from the first entry where the  playing and handling is much quicker and smoother.

All in all, there’s no real reason to miss out on either of these titles. Gamestop has them both listed at right under the $20 mark. If you’re into online shopping, has them for even less. Sometimes it does pay off to go through the bargain bin.

One Response to “The Broke Gamer: Mass Effect Series”

  1. Fry’s has these new both for cheaper than Gamestop used. And if you buy ME2 used, you miss out on the code that gives you all the Cerberus downloadable content.

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