Sony NGP (PSP2)

RUMOR: NGP Specs Lowered and Has a 2011 Japan Release Date

As usual, the few weeks before E3 bring a lot of news and rumors. Another rumor is now coming out about the possible decrease in NGP hardware power and a launch set for this year in Japan and early next year everywhere else.

French tech website is saying that the NGP will cut its total RAM in half from 512 MB to 256 MB. To help out, SOny has apparently lowered the OS’s resource needs so less memory is required by the OS. Graphics memory has said to stay the same at 128 MB, but internal storage may be taken away for an external storage option like that of the Nintendo 3DS. It’s interesting to see that if this is true, will Sony go with their own storage in the form of Memory Sticks, or will they finally use the more popular (and basically standard) SD/SDHC cards?

The final piece of information says that the low end model (3G-less) will be priced “competitively” with the Nintendo 3DS and will be released this year in Japan and early next year everywhere else. Sony has insisted that the NGP will still release in Japan this year, so that part isn’t much of a rumor.

This is only a rumor remember, but also note that this website has broke a lot of news early that wound up to be true on tech before, including but no limited to the NGP’s original specs.


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