The Reloading of APB

Being one of the most highly anticipated and controversial games of 2010, yet also one of the biggest let downs, APB was plagued with issues that led to its ultimate end. But like a phoenix, APB has arisen from its ashy grave to again try its luck at life. Yet, one question still remains unanswered. Can APB reload or will it once again fall from grace?

RealTime WorldsAPB was first placed on the development block in 2005 from RealTime Worlds, a Scotland-based game developer. Originally destined to be a Microsoft-exclusive title, APB was reworked to accompany an MMO format. From its humble beginnings in 2005, APB continued to work its way up the development chart thanks to its developer, RealTime Worlds, who raised ample amounts of money and secured publishing rights. The news of what APB was hoping to accomplish soon spread like wildfire and the game was scheduled not only for the PC version, but also for Xbox 360. APB would finally see the light of day on June 29, 2010 for the PC. However, it would be short lasted with its subsequent closure on September 16, 2010.

APB was essentially an MMO designed to function very much like sandbox-style games, more specifically Grand Theft Auto. In the fictional city of San Paro, the ongoing struggle between Enforcers and Criminals provided the foundation for the game. You would select between the two factions and in doing so decide your fate within the game. Criminals would be able to commit various crimes and Enforcers would be tasked with”apprehending all suspected Criminals. There were various crimes that could be committed with each one having a response from local Enforcers who would engage the players through guerrilla warfare (so to speak).

APB was praised notably for its graphics and customization. The quality of the graphics and amount of customizable items prompted players to have a gaming rig in order to fully experience APB. Almost every miniscule of APB was graphically designed or customizable to justify its steep requirements. The customization itself was probably the highlight of the game. The player could design the character (of course) from physique to tattoos and other accessories. Vehicles, guns, factions, music and more  could be adjusted to meet your requirements. Unfortunately, the customization was one of the only highlights of the game.

APB Reloaded CharactersAPB was plagued with various issues that drove the game into the grave. The worst offender would be the payment option, which was downright horrible. You would pay not only for the game, but also have pay for time in the Action District where just about everything  took place. If you wanted better guns and various other accessories, you would have to pay for packages of points to do so. These two options turned away many potential gamers would called the payment options “blasphemy”. The gameplay was bugged where some guns had an obvious advantage to others, which wasn’t patched until much later. Hackers, bugs, and various others problems led to the closure of APB and marked the end of RealTime Worlds and their five year project.

Despite its disadvantages, APB had too much potential to just die out. After its closure, publishing companies such as EA, Epic Games, and K2 Network showed up to decide the ultimate fate of APB. Seeing APB as untapped potential in the MMO market, publisher K2 Network decided to test its luck with the down-in-the-dumps sandbox and bring it back to the gaming playground and purchased all rights to APB for 1.5 million euros. Careful planning and revitalized hope in the game sparked a return for the game that was considered one of the biggest prospects of 2011. APB, with its revitalized title APB Reloaded, now sees a return to the MMO world in the early half of 2011.

I have always held anticipation for a reload of APB since its infancy in 2006. The game was every Grand Theft Auto fan’s dream; an MMO designed to play just like GTA.  However, the poor judgment from RealTime Worlds’ administration prompted the unfortunate death of APB. With a fresh administration and new-found hope from the gaming community, APB may once again return to its former glory.

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