PSP Remaster Series

Sony Announces PSP Remaster Series

Sony announced today the new label of PSP Remaster games for the PS3 console. The label will consist of PSP games re-released and remastered in HD for PlayStation 3.

The new PSP Remaster series won’t only be remastered in HD for PS3, but they will also offer features like stereoscopic 3D, full Dual Shock 3 compatibility, PS3 exclusive content and DLC and even the ability to use the same game saves across both versions of the game. The game save feature is a big one because this will allow gamers to take their game saves on the go and continue where they left off.

Japan will be the first region to get the new PSP Remaster series of games, but it’s likely to spread to other regions. The games will be both disc-based and, later, downloadable.

Capcom has already made plans to re-release Monster Hunter Portable 3rd as Monster Hunter Portable HD as the first game under the new series of games this summer.

Could this be the beginning of the phasing-out of the PSP? How about a look into the future of the NGP (PSP2) and PS3 relationship?


PSP Remaster Series

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