Lost Saga MMO Review

Throughout history, there has been various different violent archetypes – ninjas, pirates, gladiators, and so forth – that have touched and shaped the face of the planet one way or another. Unsurprisingly, they have been the main focus of various conversations that have dealt with one single purpose; who is the best? Luckily for gamers, there is Lost Saga that attempts to end the debate, and does a good job doing so.

Lost Saga was developed by IO Entertainment in South Korea. After garnering support from American supporters, the game was eventually released under the F2P publisher OGPlanet. Lost Saga is reminiscent to other MMO fighting games such as Rumble Fighter or Splash Fighters, but has its own unique quirks and perks. For starters, Lost Saga does not restrict the player to one single class or archetype; the player is allowed to select between various “heroes” in the game. This character selection has been the catalyst of over (currently) 20 different heroes. Lost Saga is popular in Korea, the United States, and Brazil. It was featured at the WCG in 2010.

As stated above, the player has a choice between various classes – called heroes – with their own unique skills and stats. For example, the Boxing Champ is an excellent 1v1 character because of his skills that enforce single player targets and close proximity for his basic combos. The fact that there are over 20 heroes opens up the door for various possibilities when selecting your designated hero for a match. The game has a battle royal format in which you battle among other players with the winner being crowned the one who has obtained the most amount of kills after the time period. Aside from this, there are also various other modes to choose from if you ever get bored of the single man battle royal.

The artwork, music, and overall style of Lost Saga is well done. All of the artwork have a distinctively “cartoony” style to them, something that is even more exaggerated through the various emotes a player can make. The music varies from stage to stage and provides a nice touch to the overall setting of each stage. Everything in the game is nicely shaded and textured to help bring out the cartoonish atomsphere. I find no faults in the artistic design the developers were taking when designing Lost Saga.

Lost Saga also has various features all placed into the game, even if some are relatively unknown. For starters, it is one of the few games that I have played to allow the use of a mic. The only problem is that the vast majority of the community (from what I could tell) did not even know mic use even existed. You can change the abilities of your hero through the use of “mystery boxes” that give you items that contain the abilities of other heroes featured in the game. However, to purchase better abilities, one must use “Astros”, the real-life currency of OGPlanet used to purchase various items in their games. The buddy and guild systems are featured in Lost Saga, but it seemed that new players did not know they existed until someone of experience told them so.

Lost Saga is one of the few games that I have currently reviewed with few flaws. The customization is bare-bones, as the only thing you can change are abilities gained from “mystery boxes”. Even if the better “mystery box” items are only obtainable through “Astros”, one can still test their luck with average items through the in-game currency boxes. Heroes are unlocked the more the player levels up, but can be purchased regardless of level through “Astros”. The hit detection in Lost Saga is slightly off and proves to be an annoyance when engaging in brawls. After the typical brawl and other modes available, there is not much to do after that.

Nevertheless, that should not stop Lost Saga from being enjoyable. The game boasts fun combat, a variety of customization options, large scale matches, and a nice artistic standpoint. Those searching for a game that boasts these qualities should find what they are looking for in Lost Saga. GGC Score: 9 out of 10

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