Crusader’s Corner – Episode #1: Predicting E3

Welcome to our first episode of Crusader’s Corner, GGC’s very own podcast. In this episode, we decided to chat a little about the upcoming E3. In the first segment, we talk about what we expect from the industry in the coming event. What has been announced? What is most definite? In the second segment, we talk about what the heavy hitters (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) need to do to take the prize, to “win” E3. I’m joined by Editor-in-Chief and fearless leader Greg Wampler and Staff Writer Daniel Hernandez. Don’t forget to leave us feedback in the comments below, forums or email form. You can also subscribe to our podcast RSS feed or subscribe on iTunes.

E3 2011


Segment 1 Opening Song:

Super Mario Bros. “Dancehall Ragga” – Original Composer: Koji Kondo – ReMixer: McVaffe – Overclocked

Segment 2 Opening Song:

Super Mario Bros. 2 “Gypsy Jazz” – Original Composer: Koji Kondo – ReMixer: Adrian Holovaty – Overclocked

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2 Responses to “Crusader’s Corner – Episode #1: Predicting E3”

  1. Nice episode guys, I hope to see more from Sony about the newly announced PSP Remasters for the PS3. I’m really stoked to hear about the NGP as it will give me plenty of time to reserve one and pay it off before release. I enjoyed my PSP way more than most I guess so it’s a day 1 purchase for sure. Interested in Project Cafe as well….Microsoft not so much pretty sure their going to announce more stuff in the vein of ESPN(which I can’t use because my provider is part of their group) I imagine they’ll announce something like dedicated servers for Call of duty exclusively on XBox, I don’t have a Kinect so maybe something cool that will make me want to go out and buy one. Either way I can’t wait for E3. Doesn’t seem to be as many leaks this year as last so far….

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