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Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition 3DS Review

Capcom is known for making multiple versions of its games, and especially its fighting games (more specifically, Street Fighter). When the series hits the non-Alpha series, it always seems to go through a round before having ‘Super’ tacked on to the front of it. To be totally and completely fair, there’s always a good bit of extras in the ‘Super’ editions, but what bothers some is the relatively small gap between those games.

Now, let’s come up to speed with Capcom’s latest version of Street Fighter IV and ultimately Super Street Fighter IV with Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition for the Nintendo 3DS. Luckily, Capcom started off with the ‘Super’ version in this case and gamers have the chance to take the more feature rich version into the 3D arena.

SSFIV: 3D Edition ScreenshotFirst off, something to really notice is the number of modes. There are a ton. There’s arcade, versus, 3D versus (explained later), internet match, challenge and training. Each mode is exactly how it sounds, except 3D versus is a new concept Capcom designed specifically for 3D on the 3DS. In this mode, the view is more at an angle behind the players character. This mode really makes the 3D effect shine, but is a bit harder to control and fight competitively in. It’s still a solid idea and a great addition to an already great game. Speaking of modes, the only real mode missing is Story Mode from the console versions. This is very odd, but Capcom did decide to make all of the players unlocked from the start, so maybe this had something to do with the lack of a story mode.

Most of the modes are capable of being played online which, for a handheld, is some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Very little to no lag and matchmaking is a cinch. The only bit of lag comes from using the 3D effect and isn’t really the internet connection or other faults. Most competitive gamers will want to turn off the 3D effect for an increase in frame rate. The frame rate runs at about 30 to 35 fps with the effect on and 55 to 60 with the effect off. However, I have learned a little trick that might bode well for those who absolutely need the 3D effect (as I do). The trick is to learn to press the buttons or do the move a second earlier than normal. Yeah, I know. It really isn’t easy at first, but after awhile, it can be.

Other than the 3D effect, which isn’t used during cutscenes, the graphics themselves are gorgeous and can actually be good enough SSFIV: 3D Edition Screenshotwith the 3D effect turned off. The character models and animations are very close to the original console characters. The only somewhat lacking area in the graphic department has to do with the backgrounds. The backgrounds in the console games are a lot more lively, detailed and have a certain depth to them. On 3DS, this is almost completely opposite. The backgrounds here look less detailed and don’t animate much. This may have been done on purpose due to the amount of power needed for the 3D effect and high polygon characters, or it could have been more due to a rush job to get the game out. Either way, it’s just a small issue.

Another element added to this version of the game is the figures and StreetPass. The figures can be collected by playing enough with each character. These can be traded online as well with other players and even set for StreetPass battles. It’s amazing to see third parties using these types of features right off the bat. To add to this, the Icons and Titles are back from the console versions of the game as well which get unlocked by fighting battles and winning enough.

Finally, we come to the button and control use. The buttons are pretty basic with the low, medium and high of both the punches and kicks being assigned to the face and shoulder buttons. These can all be mixed and matched to your liking. There is a Lite and Pro setting for the controls as well which allows for even more customization. Lite will even allow for special moves to be mapped to the face buttons where, regularly, they are touch screen taps. This is really the only bad part about the controls: the ease of use is a bit too easy. With the ability to simply tap the special moves, no button combo memorizations are needed.

Overall, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is probably one of the best, if not the best, game for the 3DS so far. It has great online modes, makes great use of the 3D effect, has awesome graphics and makes stellar use of 3DS specific features. The few faults like the lack of a story mode and casual-friendly special moves don’t hinder the game much, but do keep it from getting a perfect score. A must buy!

GGC Score: 9 out of 10
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