Playstation Network Compromised Once Again

Only days after the PlayStation Network was reconnected after roughly a month of downtime, the PSN password page has been exploited and the PSN is down via the website. According to reports the exploit “allows other users to reset your account password using only your e-mail address and date of birth.” All personal data of PSN users was obtained by hackers amidst the original PSN downtime.

This means anyone with a PSN account is still in danger of having their personal information in the hands of strangers and their accounts tampered with. When I tried to log into the PSN via the official Sony USA site I received this message:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released a message via Twitter; “Fortunately we have got ISPs to release outstanding e-mails; unfortunately, a small amount of maintenance is required to improve this process.” Followed soon after by “Clarification: this maintenance doesn’t affect PSN on consoles, only the website you click through to from the password change email.”

Sony simply cannot afford anymore PSN related miscues. While the PSN online matchmaking still works, this obviously stalls the return of all the PSN features yet to come back online. PSN users will not be able to access the two free downloadable games that Sony has promised as compensation until the PlayStation Store comes back online.

With another breach of PSN security occurring, does the gaming industry need to retool online gaming infrastructure? Who’s to say this can’t happen to XBox Live? Send us a message or let us know what you’re thinking in the GGC Forums!

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