Measure Your Success Rate in Mass Effect 3

In Mass Effect 2, you could figure how well you did by how many team members you last during the last mission. Well it seems that BioWare has a similar idea for Mass Effect 3 in determining how well you do in the overall scheme.

BioWare’s Casey Hudson explains this:

[Deaths in Mass Effect 2] became the grade of scale of your success of the end game, and we have something similar here. You’re basically building towards greater and greater degrees of success, in terms of how you’re able to fight the Reapers. So similarly you’re going to want to do more, and be more successful, and make better choices throughout. And then that, combined with more personal or more moral choices about how to deal with things… those things will ultimately affect part of the end game, which is pretty amazing.

It seems that, like the end of Mass Effect 2, you will be able to determine how you did by the way things turn out. However, it seems decisions will have a much larger impact in this game than in either of its predecessors. If so, players will have to be much more cautious if they want that “perfect” ending.

Source: PC Gamer

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