UPDATE 2: Upcoming Multiplayer Batman Game

Update 2:

It’s no shame to admit that we were all a little confused yesterday at the announcement of the game Gotham City Imposters. The lack of detail and…unique gameplay and description of the game didn’t help much. Well now there is a bit more to go on. Not only do we know now that it is a first-person shooter, but we have a nice screen shot that may clear some things up about the upcoming shooter.

Maybe now the “imposter” part of Gotham City Imposters makes a little more since.

Update 1- May 16:

Game Informer offers a little bit more information on the upcoming Batman Multiplayer. Samantha Ryan, Senior VP of Warner Bros.’ Production and Development says that “Gotham City Impostors blows apart expectations for superhero games with an exaggerated take on first-person shooters, set in a part of the DC Universe players have never seen before.” She also says “Monolith is creating a game that turns Gotham City upside down and we think fans are going to have a blast with this creative twist on multiplayer heroism and anti-heroism as they play up the classic rivalry between Batman and The Joker.”

Apparently this new game will allow the use of some awesome Batman gadgets such as his grappling gun and glider cape. You will also be able to customize your characters and their costumes, though how much customization is available is unknown as of yet.

I know what you’re thinking: Batman and his rule against guns and killing. Not a problem. As the name implies, you are an imposter. Because of this, you will have machine guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers to play with.

Source: Game Informer

Original Story – May 16:

If you just can’t get enough Batman between the very well received Arkham Asylum and the much anticipated Arkham City, then your needs are being thought of by game developer Monolith Productions.

Batman: Gotham City Imposters, a multiplayer Batman shooter, is currently in the works. Not very much is known about this upcoming title, however, we know that you can assume the role of either Batman or the Jokers cronies. This game will be downloadable and will be available on PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

As stated, not much information is available at this time, but stay with GGC and we will keep you up to date on this interesting Batman shooter.

Source: 1up

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