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RUMOR: Amazon EC2 ‘Cloud’ Servers Used to Hack PSN

There are some reports going around on the possibility that the new Amazon EC2 servers were used to hack the PSN service and other Sony servers.

If you aren’t familiar with what the EC2 servers are, they are the new ‘Cloud’ servers Amazon just made available for storing documents, music files and other data for a monthly fee. ‘Cloud’ servers require a lot of computing power as it is, but throw in the way Amazon’s EC2 servers work (like the ability to play and view files directly from the severs), and you have basically computing power on the scale of super computers.

This next bif of information comes from Tech Blorge:

“Back in January a German security consultant said he’d been able to use EC2 to successfully break a wireless password in 20 minutes and that he believed he could cut that to six minutes.”

That’s very interesting stuff and can really lead into another story on the

We’ll keep you posted on the Amazon server issue as well as the future of gaming with ‘Cloud” computing involved.

Sources: Tech Blorge, VG247, ExaminerPSN Logo

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