Nintendo Project Cafe

Ubisoft Compliments Nintendo’s Project Café

Ubisoft has some nice things to say about the successor to Nintendo’s Wii console.Eurogamer has a report from Ubisoft’s investor call which occurred today on Nintendo’s next home console. They basically have high hopes for the system and believe porting games to it from Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, will be easy.

Here are the important quotes:

“The platform Nintendo is coming with is really a fantastic platform. We think it will be extremely successful,” he stated.

“What we see is that we will be able to leverage a lot of the work we do for Xbox 360 and PS3 while we create games for the platform. So we will not have to redo completely the games that we create. We’ll be able to use all the capacity the console is giving but also use all the work we do for the other platforms.”

Sounds like Nintendo is out to make third parties just as happy as they were with the 3DS.Nintendo Project Cafe

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