Meet the Staff – Gregory Wampler

“Meet the Staff” is an ongoing special that allows readers to connect with the GGC personnel. The first of the editorials would be none other than the head honcho himself, Gregory Wampler.

Gregory Wampler was born on January 10, 1985.  During his childhood, he enjoyed gaming, fishing, sports, cooking, and collecting cards. On a more surprising note, Gregory was also a street racer during his rebellious age as stated by him, I had an Acura Integra that I worked on and souped up a bit.Eventually, he served in the Marine Corps for 5 years; 4 years on his original tour and 1 year as an extension to Iraq during the height of the War on Terrorism. His term soon after ended and Gregory, maintaining his love for gaming and his extensive knowledge of web design, decided to apply for a position under He served as a web designer for “2 to 3 years,” but longed for the chance to run his own website. This desire was the  inevitable catalyst for him to resign from his position under and start-up his own website, which is none other than The Great Gaming Crusade.  At first, his main target was the Nintendo fan base but eventually decided to appeal to all consoles, he explained. “I joined on with about 2 or 3 years ago and realized I wanted to start and run my own, and although my favorite consoles are Nintendo-made, I wanted fewer restrictions. I wanted the whole industry at my fingertips.From the humble beginnings of GGC up until now, Gregory has worked voluntarily under different positions, including Senior Editor, Editor-in-Chief, and Webmaster. He continues to enjoy not only his childhood hobbies, but also his teenage passion; web designing. “[I] have always been into web design. I’ve been designing web sites and working with code since I was 14.

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