Crysis 2 Xbox 360 Review

Are you tired of the same First Person Shooters over and over? Do you also like wearing a cool suit that can turn you invisible? Well, this is the game for you and is a great example of how all first person shooters should be created and played, tons of freedom to roam around in. Crysis 2 is the sequel to Crysis and is developed by Crytek Studios and published by Electronic Arts. Have they ever made a beautiful and spectacular game.

Crysis 2 is a very confusing game though and is very hard to follow. It is the year 2023 and you are a Force Recon Marine named Alcatraz and you and  your squad are deployed into a destroyed New York city to find and extract Nathan Gould, a former Crynet doctor who has been infected with the virus that’s spreading throughout New York. As you progress, you acquire The Nanosuit 2.0 from Lawrence Prophet from the original Crysis. After, Prophet then kills himself purposely so that the Nanosuit will stop malfunctioning. Next, somehow alien tissue has gotten into the layers of the Nanosuit that may create a cure for the Manhattan Virus. When you find Gould, he analyzes the Nanosuit and has believes that the alien tissue could resolve the virus.

I felt that the first few hours of playing the campaign was a drag and really boring. It takes a long time to actually get in on some action and start to dig it. The whole game revolves around “The Nanosuit” which can do a variety of different things. It can turn you into pretty much a human tank that lets you take additional damage from enemy fire and kick cars that can crush your foes. Another thing you can do is turn invisible to sneak around and stealth kill enemys to get to your objective. It’s pretty cool but don’t expect to be a tank or invisible all the time. The suit has energy that runs out very fast when you use those abilities, but it does replenish fairly quickly when you’re not moving. The great thing is that you can upgrade your Nanosuit to your liking by killing Aliens. So if you like being invisible you can upgrade your suit so you can stay cloaked longer.

The graphics in Crysis 2 are by far some of the best ever seen on a console. The characters look realistic and have great facial detail. Alien’s (as far as we know) are not real, but they look amazing and believable in Crysis 2. The environment which is a destroyed version of New York City looks fantastic and is always crumbling throughout the game. What I can’t believe though is that it is Crytek’s own game engine, The CryEngine 3. Other games need to have this engine.

This is a great game, but as always it’s not perfect and has a few problems. The problem that I found right away was the glitchy enemy AI. They will be just randomly walking into walls and rocks. Also as I said before, the story is very hard to follow and understand and most of it gets revealed at the end of the game and by then you don’t really care. The most annoying thing that really got on my nerves was every time you used the Nanosuit’s invisibility, you would hear the voice in your Nanosuit saying “cloak engaged” constantly.

Overall, this is a spectacular game with excellent level design, beautiful graphics and is well worth the $60 price tag. If you have played the original Crysis and love actually being the tank, than you will really enjoy this sequel and will have a better chance of understanding the storyline. I for one did play the original Crysis, so I was confused through the whole game, but I still really enjoyed it and it reminded me how great shooters can be when they are not the same thing over and over.


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