Double Dragon iOS Review

What do red and blue represent? Red symbolizes hardiness and blue symbolizes vigilance on the American flag. They are the recognizable colors of Marvel Heroes Spiderman and Captain America. Most importantly, they are the colors of the Lee Brothers, the dual protagonists of one of the greatest beat-em-ups in video game history, Double DragonWhile it may not be the best job, Double Dragon certainly retains the hardiness and vigilance found on the classic consoles.

The Double Dragon series first began as a coin-operated arcade machine produced by Technos Japan Corporation in 1987. The game was critically acclaimed and from then on garnered numerous sequels and spin-offs on various consoles. Aside from games, the series also garnered an animated series and a live-action film adaption of the namesake with some material taken from the games, such as the Shadow Warriors. The games follow the conflicts between the Lee Brothers, Billy and Jimmy, and their adversaries, notably the Shadow Warriors. The game is considered one of the first successful attempts at the genre and sparked other developers to try out the genre as well.

As stated, Double Dragon is an arcade beat ’em up. The objective of this genre was to advance through a stage, defeating all of the various enemies that blocked your passageway. Double Dragon on the iPhone and iPod Touch does keep the game play intact, including all of the attacks and weapons that have been a staple in the series. You can either punch or kick in various directions or grab weapons and enemies in order to clear the way. The game does a decent job for controls, but at times they do feel clustered together. Another problem would be the slow pace this game has compared to the Game Boy Advance edition. You would think that the iPhone and iPod Touch could run this faster than the Game Boy Advance but sadly, it cannot.

The artwork and music have been reinvigorated and remixed and I must commend the artist(s) and musician(s) on a job well done. Each piece of art is fairly gritty and detailed to meet qualifications for a present day anime art style. The only problem is that the artwork is so small, justifiable to fit on the iOS screen but still a disappointment. The music has been redone to utilize modern day technology, but you can still hear those familiar songs such as the first stage and boss theme. The problem with the music however, is that the overall theme is overdone and could have benefited from using a variety of inspirations for stage music.

They say that it takes two things to make things go right. There certainly are more than two things that make this game go right, and there are more than two things that make this game go wrong. Nevertheless, if you are looking for that classic beat ’em up feeling, you should have no frets when it comes to Double Dragon.

GGC Score: 7 out of 10

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