Dungeon Fighters MMO Review

Remember those glory days “older” readers out there? Those days where drinks didn’t cost much, fashion was still an experiment, and arcades ran rampant? If you do remember those times, then you probably remember games like Double Dragon and Final Fight. If so and you want to relive those days or just try them out for yourself, then I recommend Dungeon Fighters. It is one of the few, and possibly best of its known kind.

While most beat ’em ups were constructed for the sadly near defunct arcade scene, Dungeon Fighters was developed as an MMO. The game was developed by Neople, a South Korean developer, where in which its first beta took place in August of 2005.  The game garnered enough approval from both players and executives to be published in America under Nexon, one of the biggest F2P gaming publishers in America. Even since then, the game has grown exponentially to include a Japanese incarnation along with an anime and manga adaption as well. Dungeon Fighters also was included in the WCG (World Cyber Games) of 2009 and ever since then has a league in South Korea where the game is played competitively.

Dungeon Fighters is a 2d arcade beat ’em up-styled MMO. The objective of the classic beat ’em up genre was to defeat all enemies in a specific section in order to unlock a new section of the map. The player would then face a boss at the end of the map. The same is still applied to Dungeon Fighters, but RPG elements are induced into it in order to spice up the gameplay. You can upgrade and improve upon your character through weapons and armor.  Defeated enemies drop various loot than can be used to make a profit or provide a temporary energy boost. The introduction of the four classes – Slayer, Fighter, Priest, and Mage – all help aid in producing unique experiences among players. You can create parties and guilds among players in order to establish relationships and vanquish enemies that have proven to be too strong on your own.

The artwork and music for Dungeon Fighters is fantastic. Every piece of art has some form of shading, contrast, and coloring. The variety of music tracks range from metal to techno, with each piece helping set a particular mood. The artist(s) did an excellent job of designing each of the classes’ move list distinctively as far as artistical achievement is concerned. Every location in the game has a particular color tone that helps bring out the atmosphere of that location.

Nevertheless, this beat ’em up fantasy game does have some notable problems. First of all is the much debated “Fatigue System”. The “Fatigue System” is a safeguard against players who wish to play for an over-extended amount of time. What it does is limit the amount of dungeons you can do a day. While its understandable to try and stop grinding or mitigate the fluctuation of items, it will steer some players away, notable hardcore players who may bring in a potential profit. Next, the amount of gold sellers in this game (from last I played) was a serious problem. In Dungeon Fighters, gold is one of the hardest things to obtain. You either had to strike lucky with an “NX” item, find a rare item, or farm, something that was impossible considering the “Fatigue System” stopping you. The difference between characters was noticeable by the items that some players had, most of which that were of unfathomable wealth in the Dungeon Fighters’ economy. Finally, the PvP system. This game (from last I played) was not tested or properly balanced enough for PvP. Gunners had an obvious advantage because of their long range abilities and some “NX” items gave the player an attack speed or cast speed boost, which substantially changed the game. The “NX” problem is a continuous problem that occurs in many of Nexon games.

Dungeon Fighters is any beat ’em ups fan’s fantasy game. There is the typical beat ’em up styled gameplay. There are some RPG characteristics, and there is the fact that it is an MMO. However, the issues facing the game does hold it back from being the great game it is destined to be, but nevertheless is possibly the best of its kind.

Score: 8 out of 10

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