Two Worlds II PS3 Review

Back in ’07, Reality Pump developed a little game called Two Worlds. Needless to say, it was atrocious. With a horrid appearance, ear bleeding voice acting, and nearly incomparably bad gameplay mechanics, the first Two Worlds did not give the relatively unknown game developers a good mark on their game industry permanent record. After several verbal slaps on their wrists (or faces) from those unlucky enough to pick up the gruesome game, Reality Pump decided to rectify their mistakes and try this Two Worlds thing out again. What we got this time was no where near a perfect game, but one that is vastly superior to its predecessor and is overall, just a fun time that will at least tide you over until the next great game comes out.

Two Worlds II takes place shortly after the events of the first one, now with the big bad evil dude from the first one as the emperor.  You take control of Sad Keanu Reeves and, once again, you are the only hope to stop the evil emperor, save your sister, and rescue humanity. Makes you wonder how many game worlds would go to crap if they didn’t have you to save their sorry asses. They really need to learn to take care of their own messes. Anyway, it’s still basic fantasy RPG play so you won’t be taken by surprise to many things if you are versed in the ways of Role Playing Games.

The first thing you will probably notice is the look of the game has improved greatly. The look of the environments are quite nice to take in and the detail on the armor and weapons are very impressive. Keep looking and you realize it still has some work to be done. Some of the objects and character models look underdeveloped and every so often you will notice pieces of rooms and chambers loading a second or so after everything else. Still, it is far from an eye sore and looks quite good most of the time.

The second thing you’ll notice is the gameplay and combat are actually…kind of fun this time around.  Though overly simple (pretty much one button getting mashed repeatedly), it never really gets old hacking and slashing enemies to death just for the sake of increasing your experience bar. If you are looking for more complicated combat then you’ll want to go the spellcaster route. The spell system is quite unique and fun to delve into what with the different levels of customization and the OVER POWERED spells you can make by level 15 to 20.

Though the method of combining weapons from the first one have disappeared, you can now break down all weapons and armor and use their materials to upgrade your current ones, which can make then quite powerful very quickly and can also help keep inventory from getting to cluttered.

Not everything in Two Worlds II is pretty and fun to be apart of, however. The voice acting is still almost unbearable, though the hilarious writing keeps it more funny than mind numbing. The main character is particularly a chore to listen too, with his low emotionless voice (Sad Keanu Reeves wasn’t just a simple joke).

The quest list and inventory are quite messy and jumbled and can make it annoying to search for items you need or quests you are looking for.  Quests never leave the quest list, not even when you complete them, so it can get quite jumbled. These never get too bad, so it won’t be too much to find something or look at a quest, but it is annoying none-the-less.

All in all, Two Worlds II really gives gamers a fun experience (especially if you are still recovering from the first). If you are looking for an RPG fix for a little bit then pick up Two Worlds II. It won’t show you anything truly new and innovative, but it can show you some good old fashioned hack and slash gameplay mixed with classic RPG elements, and some good old B-game style fun sprinkled on top.

Score: 8 out of 10

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