Canabalt iOS Review

Imagine a dystopia. Picture yourself running from the ensuring chaos that engulfs the city around you. Finally, think of this going on forever. If it sounds like something you would like to play out or something you may want to experience, Canabalt is the perfect game for you.

Canabalt began its run as a Flash game by Adam Atomic and Danny B. It was praised for its simple gameplay, vivid artwork, and wonderful music. The reception garnered enough attention to convince co-creator Adam Atomic to port the game over to the iOS (iPhone and iPod Touch). The game itself is an endless runner – a game where you continue moving until you are either killed or time elapses. These kind of games are meant for the casual gamer who would wish to pick-up-and-play. Coincidentally, this game meets all of the requirements for an endless runner.

Canabalt ScreenshotAs stated above, the game is fairly simple. There is only one maneuver; jump. Jumping is as simple as tapping any portion of the screen. The longer you hold your finger on the screen, the higher you will jump. This is extremely important for the the many chasms that will appear randomly and also the other obstructions that will get in your way. Along the way, you will come across random events that will hinder your run; on one occasion the building breaks down and you must quickly jump before you come tumbling down and on another occasion a giant shrapnel will come crashing down and must be jumped on to continue your run. This provides a fast-paced, non-stop endless runner experience.

The most notable things about Canabalt is how the artwork and music are constructed to perfectly correspond with each other. Even if there are only a few selectable tracks on the game, they all help in setting the mood of the upcoming dystopia that haunts the background. The background is stunning; a battle between the armed forces and rogue machines are all present fully animated through 8-bit graphics. Paper and various items fly with no obvious notice of lag. The artwork and the music from an artistical standpoint is marvelous.

If there is any problem with this game, it would probably be the lack of variety. There is an online leaderboard, but there is no multiplayer or other mode. Its worth its price of 99 cents, but it is worth no more. Nevertheless, Canabalt is an amazing piece of work and is a prime example of how an independent developer can exceed on the iOS as long as they keep running to reach their goal.

Score: 8 out of 10

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