UPDATE: Possible New Xbox Hardware


Apparently EA vice president of communications Jeff Brown disagrees with the rumors of the new Xbox hardware. He says, “this story is a total fabrication – 100 percent not true.” Strong words from  someone close to the core of the company.

Original Post:

Turns out Nintendo may not be the only company brandishing a new system in the near (or far) future. According to Develop Magazine, Microsoft has already sent big time publisher EA some new hardware to work with. It is also understood that this hardware is in its very early stages.

It would appear that Microsoft is having EA develop some first generation software for this new tech. Both EA and Microsoft, however, have refused to comment on the subject. Another magazine, Eurogamer, was told by another source that an E3 announcement is “highly unlikely,” so it probably won’t be in your living room before, at least, the end of 2012.

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