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Hook Worlds iOS Review

Do you like hooks? Do you like swinging for an endless amount of time? If you said no to either or both these questions, then I suggest you click away from this review. Otherwise, I recommend Hook Worlds. It is fun, humorous, and a great value.

The Hook series first began in 2009 from RocketCat Games. Ever since then, the series has spawned numerous iterations on the iOS. While the objective the iterations have had may differ, the main game play mechanic of swinging your character around using their hook has not. So far, there are 3 Hook games on the iPhone and iPod Touch: Hook Champ, Super QuickHook, and Hook Worlds. Hook Worlds would be considered the “diversion” of the group.

Hook Worlds iOS ScreenshotEven so, the game play mechanic is still intact. As stated above, the main mechanic is swinging. The distance traveled is based on the momentum gained before takeoff.  The faster you run, the more distance you will gain from the swing. This offers a composite way of crossing between small gaps and large chasms. Another mechanic is what I will call “the special button”. “The special button” gives you a unique ability that is tied into the story of the game; on one of the games you get a turbo boost from your rocket-powered shoes and on another you are ability to manipulate gravity because of your watch. This ability helps make each game in Hook Worlds a unique game play experience.

One of the remarkable things about Hook Worlds is how each game is unique. From the characters and music to the tone and artwork, each game brings something new to the table. What is even more remarkable is how the artist(s) managed to create such vivid scenes using 8 and 16-bit graphics. Another thing found notable is the puns and jokes present in the opening cut scenes. The conversations between the characters are generally hilarious with popular culture jabs and witty rebuttals.

I have to admit that I find no faults with the presentation. There is an online leader board if you are looking for competition. There are unlockable hooks and hats, staples in the Hook series, if you ever get too bored. With everything needed in a good game, a 99 cents price tag, and constant updates from the developer, chances are you will be hooked on Hook Worlds.

GGC Score: 10 out of 10

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