NBA Jam iOS Review

“Kaboom!” “Boomshakalaka!” “Boom goes the Dynamite!” Chances are if you haven’t heard these iconic phrases yet, your missing out on one of the most well designed sports game, and possibly one of the most jamtastic games on the iPhone and iPod Touch. NBA Jam is loaded with flavor even though the chef may have misplaced some of the sugar with salt.NBA Jam (the original game by Midway) was first introduced to the public in 1993 from Mark Turmell and was considered a smash hit because of its high flying dunks and eccentric sportscaster (the well-known Tim Kitzrow). Ever since then, various iterations have came out – some good, some bad, and some ugly. It is a basketball arcade game – basically a basketball game without all of the details (such as playmaking and free throws) shown in the 2K and Live (now defunct) series. The main objective of the game, like any other basketball game, is to advance down the court and shoot the ball into the hoop in order to obtain points. The game was highlighted because of its unrealistic shots and dunks. Eventually, the game was discontinued by Midway in the mid 2000s. Luckily for us, EA decided to reboot the series and has been dishing out the “Boomshakalaka!” onto various consoles and portables.

NBA Jam ScreenshotThere are various moves in the game to aid in obtaining points and keeping your opponent at bay. Some are basic, such as shooting and passing while others are advanced, such as cross-overs and dunks. The game has an interesting control scheme in which you tap and hold the turbo button (which increases your speed) and slide your finger in order to perform dunks or cross-overs. Double-tapping the turbo button will allow you to perform a push back if you need more space for a shot. This works well and even if you have problems with it, you can always change it via the options menu.

The game currently includes a Classic Campaign in which you and your selected team battle through all of the teams, some present and others former, and an exhibition style feature for a quick pick-up-and-play game. The game does feature all 32 teams with an updated roster for 2011 and also tons of unlockable players (you can be political parties if you choose). There’s plenty of challenges to keep you busy and even multiplayer (via separate iDevices) to jam it up with some friends.

Even with all of this sugar-coated goodness, there is some salt as well. The game runs considerably slower than the console versions with occasional glitches here and there. The AI is extremely cheap as well. If you want to keep your [insert price here] device, then I personally recommend you keep it at your level of play. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to bring the peanut butter, NBA will surely bring the Jam(!).

GGC Score: 9 out of 10

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