Bulletstorm Xbox 360 Review

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as launching your opponent into the air and, as they float there in slow motion, finishing them off with a few rounds of creative, merciless and well placed shots to the head, limbs, balls, and anywhere else you could think of.  (sigh) If only a game would score you and give you cool prizes and upgrades for these creative and brutal kills.  Oh wait, that’s Bulletstorm. Sweet!

That’s right, game developers People Can Fly and Epic Games have brought us the epitome of brutal and creative first person shooters with Bulletstorm.  Within this controversy inducing game you get to suspend your opponent in the air with your “energy leash” or just a well placed kick, and then kill them in a surplus of gruesome ways, whether it be flinging them into electricity or impaling them on cacti (yep, cacti), blasting of their heads or limbs with fiery disintegrating bullets, or wrapping up your enemies in a chain of grenades and detonating them around their friends. Whatever your preference for dispatching dimwitted henchmen, it is probably at your disposal in Bulletstorm.

With such unique and provoking gameplay, Bulletstorm would have to boast a tight control scheme. It doesn’t disappoint.  The controls are both responsive and easy to use.  I never thought it would be so easy or so fluid to reel in a faraway henchman, step to the side and kick them into an obstacle and watch them splatter, or slide into an opponent, throwing them sky high, and then finishing them off with some well aimed ammunition to all enticing vital areas.

I won’t deny that Bulletstorm doesn’t exactly challenge you in the actual progression aspect since a simple leash can close almost any gap and give you ample time to fill them full of holes. The true skill comes in pulling off the skill shots, creative ways to use your many guns and the environment to dispose of the baddies. Successful skill shots grant you points which you use to upgrade your guns for more kill power, ammo, and the opportunity for new skill shots. It is a never ending, violent cycle of gloriousness.

Now with this gory, over the top gameplay, I went in expecting a shallow, pointless story. What I got was all the making for a Sci-Fi, space marine, shoot ‘em up, B-movie classic; from ravaged, war torn planets, crazy gangs, cannibalistic mutants, and even a big Godzilla like monster destroying the city.  You play space pirate Greyson Hunt, a bad-ass with a gun, on a mission for revenge against the former boss who used him for his own twisted schemes to stay in power.  With the guilt of his decimated crew, Hunt shoots, impales, detonates, and all around effs up everything between him and the antagonist, all the while, making a lot of penis jokes along the way.

The cutscenes and scenery do well to move the story along. The cutscenes can be skipped but you should be ashamed of yourself if you do skip them.  The cartoony character designs and hilariously profane dialogue mix well with the over the top action and combat.

The scenery is a touch and go experience unfortunately. While many scenes are a beautiful and expansive, like the beachside territories and the outside streets; several, mostly the ones that lead you underground, are bland and grey with samey walls and paths that start to blend together.

Much like the dull environment of the underground, the game starts to wear on you a little over halfway through with gameplay getting a bit tedious and the environments starting to look rather familiar.  You’ll find yourself getting bored with the running a gunning for a while, until you enter a new chapter or encounter one of the many harrier moments when the game throws endless enemies at you.

Bulletstorm is far from perfect. It gets tedious towards the end, the scenery could be better in places, it’s short, and don’t get me started on the ending. Overall, however, this is a shooter that will not fail to give you an awesome, bloody, shrapnel fueled thrill ride through the gritty sci-fi story, while keeping you laughing and cheering the whole time. If you’re a fan of shooters, mayhem, penis jokes, or knocking off the enemy in new and creative ways, then Bulletstorm is sure to excite.

Score: 8 out of 10

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