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Wii’s Successor Confirmed for E3 2011

Nintendo has confirmed Wii’s successor to be a part of this year’s E3. Not only will it be there, but in playable form as well. A release has been pegged for sometime in 2012, too.

Here’s what we know for sure, so far:

  • Codename is Project Café
  • Final names being thrown around are “Stream” and “Nintendo HD,” among others.
  • Controllers will have touchscreens on them.
  • Controllers can have certain game mechanics streamed to them
  • IBM PowerPC CPU is being used
  • AMD GPU is being used
  • More powerful than current competition consoles. How much is still to be seen.

Here’s what has been said by many, but hasn’t been completely confirmed, yet:

  • Touchscreens on controllers are 6 inches diagonally measured
  • Triple-core IBM PowerPC CPU (some have said quad-core)
  • AMD GPU based on R700 chipset

Our sources say:

  • 3DS connectivity is a big deal
  • The eShop will be used with Wii’s successor as well. This is part of the reason for the delay of 3DS’s connection to the eShop.

Even though some of this information still hasn’t been completely confirmed, none of the crazy and wild rumors have been posted here in this news article. Anything listed here has either been confirmed, has been made very believable by our sources or is very believable with what else has been made true.

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